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The 2018 Nationals were a fantastic opportunity for participants from all over Australia to converge on Perth and partake in both Fundamentals and Specialisation certifications. Hosted by Stage Combat Perth, the 2018 Nationals were a fantastic success. Thank you to the workshop facilitator Andy Fraser and instructors Lyndall Grant and Tim Dashwood.

The Winter Stoush should be returning in July in Townsville. Justin Palazzo-Orr and his contacts at Full Throttle Theatre Company and Theatre iNQ are sure to make it a great workshop. If you are interested in this upcoming workshop, please get in touch at engage@safdi.org.au 

Our 2019 Nationals are already at the planning stage, so keep your ear to the ground even though it is over a year away!

For other workshops hosted by the SAFDi, head over to our Workshops page or stay connected through Facebook.