2019 Western Regional Stage Combat Workshop JAN 7 – JAN 18, Perth

For the fifth consecutive year, Stage Combat Perth’s Western Regional Stage Combat Workshop is back! Facilitated by Andy Fraser, the 2019 WRSCW will run both a two-week long FUNDAMENTALS certification for newcomers to the stage combat or the Society and a special ‘Deadly Point to Point’ workshop.

Fundamentals is intended for students who have never trained in Stage Combat previously; or who have trained, but never certified; or who have certified prior to July 1 2017. Covering a wide variety of weapons and fighting styles including Unarmed, Knife, Sabre, Staff and more. The course features 11 days in total of training and at the conclusion of the course, students will have the opportunity to acquire their SAFDI Fundamentals certification.

Deadly Point to Point is a week-long workshop concentrating on English and Continental Rapier play from the late 1500s-early 1600s and set within the dramatic context of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. For returning students, this workshop will go towards future Specialisation certification.

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2018 SAFDi Nationals – ‘The Western Regional Stage Combat Workshop’ JAN 2018

Held in Perth, Stage Combat Perth’s Western Regional Stage Combat Workshop hosted the 2018 Nationals and delivered FUNDAMENTALS and SPECIALISATION certification over two weeks. Instructors were Andy Fraser, Lyndall Grant and Tim Dashwood. 

2017 SAFDi Nationals – ‘The Winter Stoush’ JULY 15- JULY 23 2017

Held in Townsville, SAFDi’s Winter Stoush hosted the 2017 Nationals. 19 participants worked hard at the FUNDAMENTAL Training and hat a fantastic time up North! The Society was proud to get so many Fight Directors and Journeys there to help present and skill share. Thank you to: Nigel Poulton, Andy Fraser, Justin Palazzo-Orr, Scott Witt, Tim Dashwood and Jason Mckell.

Western Regional Stage Combat Workshop JAN 14 – JAN 21 2017 

Held in Perth, Western Australia, this workshop – run by Stage Combat Perth – offered certification in Basic and Intermediate levels and had 11 participants. Instructors were Andy Fraser and Tim Dashwood, assisted by Nastassja Kruger.

SAFDi Nationals OCT 8 – OCT 16 2016

Held at the Alex Theatre in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, this was the return of the Society’s National Workshop. It provided dual Basic certification with the BADC and Professional Development in Advanced French Smallsword. Instructors were Justin Palazzo-Orr and Lyndall Grant (Basic) and Nigel Poulton (French Smallsword).

This workshop is the start of what will hopefully be an annual event. Stay in touch for next year’s Nationals.

The World’s Conference AUG 3 – 24 2016 

Hosted by Fight Directors Canada, for the first time ever, 5 of the world’s most respected stage combat training associations – The Academy of Fight Directors Canada, The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat, The Nordic Stage Fight Society, The Society of American Fight Directors, and The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc. – joined forces to offer an amazing multi-certification opportunity. Taught by specialists from each national body – Nigel Poulton and Andy Fraser from the SAFDi – the workshop gave participants the opportunity to train and test their skill proficiency at all certification levels with the 5 associations at once. 

This workshop plans to occur every five years. Stay in touch if you’re interested!

2016 Western Regional Stage Combat Workshop JANUARY 2-9 2016 

Run by Stage Combat Perth, the 2016 WRSCW was the third consecutive certification workshop held by Andy Fraser. This workshop saw 12 participants certifying at Basic and Advanced levels. Instructors were: Andy Fraser and Tim Dashwood.


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